Godmode and One Hit Kill v9.3 for Vindictus NA, EU

Undetected on NA, EU

You can use a console or binds to use the commands provided by the DLL.

Setting up binds: [Tutorial] How to Get Your Hacks Working Without a Console

AutoBind: This DLL automatically binds the most important keys to your Keypad/Numpad.

  • god: Keypad 4
  • ohk: Keypad 5
  • NoAI: Keypad 1
  • KillAll: Keypad 2

I also recommend to use sinject or PerX.

Instructions for PerX:

  1. Copy the console DLL you want to use (for example ConsoLite) into the same directory
  2. Open PerX (or any other injector) as admin
  3. In PerX, click on “Browse” and add both DLL files
  4. Enter “Vindictus.exe” in the text field after “What to inject”
  5. Set it to “Automatically”
  6. Now you can start Vindictus.exe
  7. If the injector injects the files when the UAC dialog opens, kill Vindictus and try it again
  8. A messagebox should appear when Vindictus finishes loading the main menu
  9. Press the OK button
  10. Have fun!

Commands provided by this mod:

  • god – Enables the godmode (12.424k HP)
  • ohk – Enables one hit kill (lowers HP of everything except player)
  • NoAI – Disables AI, mobs might still go in aggro mode
  • KillAll – Kills all spawned monsters
  • MLeft – Left click
  • MRight – Right click
  • Setcursorpos – Sets cursor pos

Every time you change the map, you will have to use the commands again.
“ohk” lowers the hp of every npc, also of bosses, allies and statues. Be careful.

Virus Scan:

Credits to: Nico